The steep learning curve and high cost of geospatial technology should not keep your Non-Profit organization from using
Geographic Information Systems.

That’s where Rogue Mapping comes in. We are a registered Illinois Non-Profit organization that desires to spread our knowledge and assist other non-profits (not necessarily only Illinois) in using geospatial data and mapping technologies.

We work with you to maximize your time and investment into your organization through GIS. Our ideal clients are other Non-Profit Organizations, NGOs, and 501(c)3s that want to make the world better for everyone, but do not have the staff time or knowledge to utilize spatial technologies.

Tech can be hard and GIS is a special kind of tech. This is not just a location map for your website. How about plotting all your clients on a web map, overlay that with demographic information then serve it out privately or publicly? OR You want to collect needs assessment data as a survey and find the nearest location that can best supply those needs? OR create regions for case-workers and put inspection stops on a route for them. Geographic information is everywhere, let’s use it to enable you to run your organization more efficiently.