Springboard Market

Urban Acres is a non-profit organization that promotes healthy growth (literally) in the Near north side of Peoria, Illinois. Their community garden is a place to meet and learn for people of all ethnicities and diversities.

Furthering this ideal, the organization has recently purchased a building in the neighborhood with hopes and dreams of converting it into a start-up incubator called Springboard Market.

In order to receive grant monies and achieve these dreams, a demographic study needed to definitively show the obvious income disparity and food desert of the area surrounding the new HQ building.

These reports divide the area within 10-20-30 minute walk to the building. More study to come on the accessibility of healthy food options for residents. It’s a great initiative to be associated with!

We also created a 34″ x 44″ wall map for our friends to look at when planning this grassroots revitalization project.