The idea began long ago from a simple question:
What if there are organizations that want to use GIS but can’t afford GIS?
What do they do?

From my experience, the resourceful ones use Google Earth, Lat/Long in Excel or even a hunting map application (I’ve seen it). Others get passed by and just continue using the paper process they have used since they started. Still others just don’t use maps at all. GIS should not and is not out of reach, there are options.

My name is Micah Williamson. I decided on Geography as a career path in 1996 and I’ve been doing GIS professionally since 2001.  Since then, I have always wanted to help folks do GIS tech better. As I surpass the 20-year mark of my professional life, I can see a need to help small non-profit organizations utilize a truly revolutionary tool. I have the knowledge, skills, and (thanks to my generous employer) the software to assist. Drop a line and lets talk about your project idea.